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Who Qualifies for Medicaid?

Medicaid Eligibility

One of the main hurdles preventing the elderly from filing for Medicaid is they are worried they won’t qualify. Elders have seen the laws and regulations around Medicaid change and become more complex over the course of the last 50 years. Because of this confusion, many believe they don’t qualify if they have any sizeable assets.

Medicaid For Seniors

This simply is not true. In fact, delaying filing for Medicaid means your long-term care bills will quickly eat away at your life savings until there is nothing left.  The reality is, you are entitled to receive Medicaid benefits and should take advantage of programs available to you as soon as possible. With the proper planning, Emics Elder Care Advisors guarantee they can help you get coverage if you meet the following requirements.*

Get Medicaid For Seniors - Learn More About Medicaid Eligibility in NY


Home health care can cost $100,000 a year in New York, and skilled care facilities often cost more. Because of the heavy stress and desire to care for our elders, and confusion about qualifying for Medicaid, people often delay filing for too long. This delay can quickly eat away at your loved one’s assets. Planning their assets to qualify for Medicaid sooner can allow your loved one to receive Medicaid coverage and still have money left to:

  • pay their utilities, credit cards, and other recurring bills
  • leave behind an inheritance for their loved ones
  • pay for extra therapeutic treatments to improve their quality of life

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3 Conditions to Qualify: Medicaid eligibility

Medicaid Help
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Medical Need

 This requirement is usually easy to define. A medical need is evident if you require daily treatment, monitoring or assistance. For example, if you can’t perform your Activities of Daily Living , or you need assistance to perform the basic functions of life, this is a medical need. People who require daily medical supervision or need 24-our support of a skilled care facility also qualify. You qualify if you have complex medical issues who require daily treatments from a nurse. 


Age & Disability


Elders must be in one of the three following categories to qualify:

  • Over the age of 65
  • Legally blind
  • Disabled

People under the age of 65 can still qualify if they are considered to be disabled. Disabled is defined as being unable to perform gainful activities (i.e. work) for a period of a year. For example, a 61-year old with severe joint or back problems would be considered disabled. This is determined with the approval of a doctor.


Financial Need


Often the most complicated category, in order to qualify for Medicaid, you must meet your state’s eligibility requirements. Elders who live alone in New York qualify if their monthly income is lower than $842. The amount varies depending on the amount of people in the home.

If you exceed this monthly income amount, there are still many options available to qualify. Contact an Emics Eldercare Planner to assist you in the process of managing your assets to qualify today.

 Emics Elder Care Advisors are experts in securing Medicaid for seniors. We are so confident, we guarantee you'll be eligible for Medicaid through our services or your money back.* 

 *Guaranteed Medicaid approval for Community care.