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Medicaid Planners with Personalized Solutions

If you choose us to design your plan to qualify for Medicaid, you’ll work one-on-one with the same caseworker throughout the entire process. We want to get to know you so we can be of the most help. By the time you are Medicaid approved and searching for care options, you’ll feel well-informed and confident in your decisions about this difficult situation. 

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Medicaid Help

Preserve Your Legacy with Medicaid Planning

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There are many solutions available to protect your loved one’s legacy and get them fully funded senior care. Many New Yorker's qualify for Medicaid. We guide you through all the options to find the best strategy. 

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Find the Best Long-Term Care Options


 Nursing homes and home care agencies come in many shapes and sizes. We use our expertise and relationships to help you find and secure the best match for your loved one. 

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Prepare, File, and Monitor the Paperwork


 From planning, filing, and monitoring, to appeals and fair hearings, securing Medicaid can be a complex and time-consuming process with many hills to climb. We take on the task, so you don’t have t

find out if you qualify

Get Answers to Your Questions


 We are your senior Medicaid specialists. You’ll get 50 years of combined Medicaid expertise to answer your questions.  We help you feel comfortable about the decisions you are making. 

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Our Process

 Eligibility can be confusing and often requires lengthy, detailed planning to achieve. We are planners first, but beyond planning properly, filing your Medicaid application, and answering your questions, we are advocates for your loved one and assist you in choosing the best New York long-term care options. 

Step 1 - First Consultation


 In our first phone or in-person meeting, we get to know you and your needs. We answer any questions you might have, fill you in on the process ahead, and begin to put together the plan and create a personalized list of necessary documents for you to gather. 

Step 2 - Pre-Filing Preparation


 As we gather the necessary documents, we prepare your Medicaid application for filing. This includes handling the legwork of contacting financial institutions, acting as a liaison with trusted attorneys, and ensuring every detail is in place. 

Step 3 - Filing & Monitoring Your Case


 Once filed, your application takes weeks for approval. We work directly with the caseworker to monitor your file and keep you informed on the status. 

Step 4 - Exploring Care Options


 Medicaid approval is the beginning of better care. We work with your needs and our local expertise to choose the best long-term care solutions for your Elder. 

Meet Our Typical Clients

Frida & Leroy



Frida had ailments that continued to worsen over the years. She needed assistance with daily activities but didn't want to leave her loving husband and home.

     With the ongoing list of treatments, homecare, and hospital visits, the bills were quickly eating away at their life's savings. The couple knew about Medicaid coverage but weren't sure if they would qualify.

     Everything changed when they contacted Emics Elder Care. An advisor was able to get their Medicaid application approved for full home care coverage in less than 30 days.




David worked hard to achieve home ownership and a nice savings account. When he had to transition to living in a long-term care facility, he didn't think he'd qualify for Medicaid. What's worse, he feared he'd have to spend down his savings in order to get coverage.

     When he contacted an Emics Planner with his concerns, he was able to restructure his assets to protect them. Now he has Medicaid coverage and still held on to his assets and savings. 




Linda lived off of her social security income since she was 65. She paid into the program during her long working career and enjoyed many years of retirement with her friends and family.

     When her memory started slipping, she knew something was wrong. Upon receiving an Alzheimer's diagnosis, she and her family decided a skilled care facility was the safest place for her to stay.

     They had no money to pay for her medical bills and didn't know how to navigate the complex Medicaid application process.

     An Emics Advisor answered all of their questions, filed Linda's application, got her approved, and connected them to trusted facilities in New York.  

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